Parure d'hiver

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Fresh Word From God a dit…

Nice pictures....

Jordana Ribeiro de Ávila a dit…

Suas fotos são BELLE!

baisers du Brésil

Unknown a dit…

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Cindy Tebo a dit…

Interesting photos especially the contrast between the blue and the red.


çirkin erkek a dit…

wonderful color

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leptium a dit…

Ravis de vous rencontrer
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Inutile de dire que mes adieux.

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aakashi a dit…

so beautiful pictures.i love this one.

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that first picture it is so familiar to from what exact street is that? thanks.

Aline Leite Andrade de Araújo a dit…

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C a dit…

beauty where no one else can appreciate!!

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Dixit a dit…

Too good..... But these places and ppl really exist?

With Love a dit…

Great pictures :)

Bruno a dit…

Sympas les photos

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